Rates and Services

Rates and Packages

Rates have increased as of July 1st, 2016.

Single Session Rates

  • 25 Minute Touch-up: $35
  • 30 Minute Treatment: $40
  • 45 Minute Treatment: $55
  • 60 Minute Treatment: $70
  • 75 Minute Treatment: $85
  • 90 Minute Treatment: $95
  • 105 Min Treatment: $115
  • 120 Min Treatment: $130

Multi-pack discounts apply for one year, and are transferrable. Any balance remaining after one year will be applied as credit toward a full price service.

3-Pack Rates

  • 30 Min Treatments: $108
  • 45 Min Treatments: $153
  • 60 Min Treatments: $195
  • 90 Min Treatments: $264

6-Pack Rates

  • 30 Min Treatments: $216
  • 45 Min Treatments: $300
  • 60 Min Treatments: $384
  • 90 Min Treatments: $522
Your access to treatment is very important to Liz. If the above rates do not work for your budget, please inquire about alternative plans.


Kingfield Office

All Clients: A session includes your treatment time plus 15 additional minutes. This allows for time for a brief status update, getting on and off the table, payment and rescheduling. Please take this into account to figure your end session time, especially if you have to make it to appointments following your session.
New Clients: A session is booked as above, but it is imperative that you arrive to your session on time as in an initial visit more time may be needed for Liz to learn your unique history and session goals. This also allows time for getting on and off the table, payment and rescheduling. Please visit the Forms and Policies page to download the health history form and review the office policies. If you cannot fill out the paperwork ahead of time, please let Liz know and she will leave it out for you ~15 minute prior to your appointment.
SPORTS INJURY RECOVERY AND PREVENTION: This type of session has a sport-specific focus, and is appropriate for athletes wanting to: speed healing, increase range of motion and/or flexibility, assist in event recovery by decreasing inflammation and maintain wellness while training and playing. Deep tissue and myofascial mobilization are often incorporated in these sessions, as well as postural and range of movement evaluations.
Typical session lengths can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the area(s) being treated and the goals for the session. Sports attire (athletic shorts and sports bra/tank top) is worn during the session. Just as your body needs time to recover from injury, multiple sessions may be recommended to fully support the body as it completes the healing process.
MYOFASCIAL RELEASE AND MOBILIZATION:   Myofascial release is characterized by sustained gentle pressure used to release restrictions between fascia and other soft tissues of the body. This pressure softens connective tissue while simultaneously separating, straightening and stretching its fibrous components. Fascia is a network of tough connective tissue covering and connecting muscles, organs, and skeletal structures of the body. Injuries, stress, trauma, inflammation and poor posture can cause restriction to fascia. The objective is to use postural evaluation and movement assessment as guides to locate and treat the dysfunction at its source. Myofascial mobilization often requires the client to take an active role in their therapy by engaging certain muscle group movements. This treatment is highly effective and results in a more balanced, flexible and functional network of fascia.
The treatment is performed directly on skin with little to no lubricant. Shorts and a sports bra are worn to allow periodic re-evaluation of progress.Session lengths can range from 30 minutes for spot-specific work to 90 minutes for a full-body in-depth treatment. Multiple sessions may be necessary to effect lasting change, especially when dealing with chronic conditions. A 60+ minute session is recommended for the first treatment.
SCAR WORK: ScarWork is a very light and focused technique performed with the intention to reintegrate scar tissue into the body’s fascial network (connective tissue surrounding all structures in the body). It can be done on healed, non-infected scars of any age, and the results of the scar integration are permanent. This work is painless and can bring back sensation, smooth out the lumps, gaps, ridges, holes, bumps, knots, and strings in the tissue, and restore movement and function to the area. In August of 2015 Liz completed a 24 hour training with Sharon Wheeler, the developer of ScarWork, and intends to further her education in this technique. Thus far Liz has had very promising results working with scars from biopsies, c-sections, hysterectomies, facial plastic surgery, and hand surgery. The results have included elimination of cramping/sharp pain with movement, increased range of motion, improved digestion, return of sensation, as well as cosmetic changes. A 60+ minute session is recommended for the first treatment. Please contact Liz with any questions.
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Deep tissue massage is a therapy method using some of the same strokes as are used as Swedish massage, joined with focused, slow-paced pressure to affect deeper layers of soft tissue. Attention is directed to specific areas with the pressure determined by client preference. This therapeutic work serves to reduce pain, improve circulation, reduce stress also bring on a state of deep relaxation. A 60 minute session will be enough for a general deep tissue massage including upper and lower body. Please choose a 90 minute session to add more spot-specific work.
RELAXATION MASSAGE:This type of massage is best for those who enjoy medium to light pressure, and who expect a more traditional full-body massage. A 45+ minute session is recommended for this treatment.

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